Pay Equality Report

In compliance with Federal Law No. 14,611, of July 3, 2023, the companies that make up COOPYFRUTAS publish the Salary Transparency and Remuneration Criteria Report between women and men on the website.

The report aims to allow an objective comparison between salaries, remuneration and the proportion of positions occupied in companies, in order to verify possible salary differences between men and women in the same position. The legislation on Equal Pay between women and men, which encompasses Law No. 14,611/2023, Decree No. 11,795/2023 and Ordinance No. 3,714/2023, was created with the aim of correcting these gaps, combating and eliminating pay disparities gender-based policies and provide greater security for women. The information in the reports is anonymized, made available on the official website of the Ministry of Labor and Employment, in alignment with the General Personal Data Protection Law (LGPD).

The law requires the disclosure of information internally and externally every six months (March and September), for companies and work units with more than 100 (one hundred) employees. The publication of the Salary Transparency and Remuneration Criteria Report must be made by employers on their electronic websites, on their social networks or in similar instruments, always in a visible location, in a clear and accessible way, ensuring wide dissemination to their employees, workers, general public and other interested parties.

Check out the Salary Transparency and Remuneration Criteria Report below.