Our responsibilities towards society are: social and environmental commitment.

Regarding to social responsibility, we are part of the Sesc Mesa Brasil project, all Coopyfrutas’ farms donate fruits weekly. As well as promoting the economy, creating jobs in the region and contributing to the growth of fruit production.

In the case of environmental responsibility, Coopyfrutas, aware of the importance of preserving the environment, maintaining environmental projects in all units. All waste generated in the process, from planting to the shipment, is recycled. We comply with the Brazilian legislation for the Environment, preserving 20% ​​of the total area with ​​native forest. In addition, we encourage the repopulation of wildlife using feeders placed along the preserved area. All units have license for the exploration of land and water in the region. We have also developed a biological control in partnership with the local Federal University (UFERSA) and the Institute of Research (EMBRAPA).