In which markets does Coopyfrutas attend?
Currently, Coopyfrutas attends the English, Northern European, Mediterranean and domestic markets.

On the total production, which approximate percentage is sold to the international and domestic market?
Approximately 60% of total production is intended for exportation and 40% for the domestic market.

What is the storage capacity of the cold chambers?
Our cold chambers have a total capacity of about 300 pallets.

What is the storage capacity of hot varieties?
Our hot varieties storage capacity is approximately 350 pallets.

What is the Coopyfrutas’ annual planted area?
The Coopyfrutas’ annual planted area is approximately 1500 hectares.

What ports and shipping companies does Coopyfrutas use?
To export, Coopyfrutas counts on Maersk Line and CMA CGM, through Pecém, Mucuripe and Natal ports.

How many employees work during the harvest?
During the harvest, Coopyfrutas counts on 1,400 employees.

Of which social programs does Coopyfrutas participate?
Currently, Coopyfrutas is participating of the Sesc Mesa Brasil project. In this program, all Coopyfrutas’ farms weekly donate melons, watermelon, cashew, papaya, coconut, tomato, etc.

What are the brands developed by the company?
Coopyfrutas has developed Samba, Safra Especial, Forró and Poty Doce brands.

What other fruits are grown by the Coopyfrutas’ partners?
Besides melon and watermelon, Coopyfrutas’ partners also produce papaya, cashew, banana, coconut, tomato, Sapota, and other fruits.

How many wells does Coopyfrutas have and what is their supply capacity?
Currently, Coopyfrutas has 47 wells in total, with an average flow of about 1200 m³/h.

How long has Coopyfrutas exported? What is the current volume?
Coopyfrutas exports since 2005, when the cooperative was established. Currently, the exported volume is about 1100 containers.

How is it arranged, the traceability code for Coopyfrutas’ products?
The traceability code consists of 8 digits, which are arranged as showed above:

* *** * ***
3 to 7 001 to 999 1 to 9 001 to 365
Norfruit 3
Bom Jesus 4
Dinamarca 5
Agrícola Jardim 6
Fruta Vida 7
3 Orange Flesh
4 Galia
5 Cantaloupe Italiano
6 Cantaloupe Americano
7 Melancia Com Semente
8 Melancia Sem Semente
9 Melancia com Micro Sementes